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Interdisciplinary and Immersive

parallax point - (2022-

parallax point is an expressive dance piece that attempts to capture the kinetic energy of a dance, by placing the audience member inside the dance and by the same methods allowing the dancer to have full agency over the cinematic lens. They perform with the camera, not for the camera. For more info click here 

3.30 mins (looped)

Bess Houdini (2021)

a photo study of Bess Houdini, inspired by her life. These images attempt to capture her enigmatic style and attempt to break the binds of her escapologist husband. The central image Won 3rd Prize, at ArtFuze London Visual Art Exhibition, 2022. (Model - Pip Henderson)

St Dunstan's in The East - Audio Journey (2021)

A geolocated audio journey through the ruins of St Dunstans, a church with a deep 900-year history in the heart of London. Presented through Echoes App, this free tour allows full audience agency, as the participants can move around freely, with first-person and recorded accounts brought to life. 

Actors - John Martin as Samuel Pepys, Paul Hawkyard as St Dunstan, Mikey Wooster as John De Burton. Other voices Natalie Sexton, Hadlee Snow and Archie Deeks.


Ecologies and Technologies (2021)

a long-term research project into the environment and technologies. The use of technology in implanting data into the natural environment. Waste and rubbish are incorporated into local landscapes and the accumulation of this research into an exhibition.

Some artworks are available to purchase through Saatchi Art 

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